Lorraine Doiron

Lorraine Doiron

Help a Pakistani family stuck in limbo

Mountain View Assembly’s garage sale Saturday to help family of refugees.

Still counting my footsteps, and almost to Vancouver. Have been parking further from stores so I am forced to walk more to get what I need. This is going to be a long haul.

Speaking of: the Bulkley Backpackers host weekly Sunday snowshoeing/skiing/hiking outings. Check out bvbackpackers.ca for their schedule. They also ask that you always contact the coordinator in advance for specific outing information. A hike is planned to Harold Price Cabin, Saturday, Sept. 15 and they say to take note that the schedule is subject to change due to weather, fire activity, etc.

There is a continual smell of smoke here in the valley. Hard to breathe, especially when breathing is essential for life. Seems some of us may be wasting our breath by not breathing correctly. I read an article that says we mostly take shallow breaths, pulling air into the top of our lungs, but we do not fill them to capacity by pulling the air down into the lower regions. Belisa Vranich, psychologist and author of Breath: The Simple, revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve your Mental and Physical Health feels that breathing is massively practical. Several points on good breathing: it creates a sense of calm; it curbs hypertension; it enhances memory; it boosts immune function; it alleviates depression. An inexpensive way to feel better!

A year ago, Mountain Assembly heard of a need of a Pakistani family that had to flee for their lives and have been living in limbo in Thailand. The congregation has committed to sponsoring this family to come to our community. To this end, they are hosting a yard sale at Mountain View Assembly on Saturday, Aug. 25, 8 a.m. to noon. They are gladly accepting donations, drop off will be at the church Friday, Aug. 24, 6-8 p.m. You can call Judy at 250-846-5296 if you have questions or need to have donated items picked up.

Just finished a tiny book that I found on my bookshelf: How do you Kill 11 Million People? Author Andy Andrews. The book was released in 2011. It is as though it was written for today’s events. From the back of the book: “What is more dangerous: politicians with ill intent, or the too-trusting population that allows such people to lead them?” and “What happens to a society in which truth is absent?” More about the author: andyandrews.com.

While searching for a book to give my great-grandson for his fifth birthday I came across a children’s book: Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. It is an old folk story in which hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys. A moral story about sharing.

Closing with a poem that inspires me as I will not give up: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!” –Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet.