Hazelton’s Charette brothers enter video competition

David and Robert Charette face 200 students from across Canada chosen to create a video highlighting historic milestones from their area.

David and Robert Charette are amongst 200 students from across Canada chosen to create a video highlighting historic milestones from their area.

The brothers earned the opportunity and a video camera after being selected during their participation in the Regional Science Fair last month.

The program is part of the new Canada’s History Young Citizens Program for students in Grades 4 to 11.

For John Field Elementary School teacher, Suzanne Wernli-Roy, the experience has been rewarding even though the timelines were tight.

“The deadline was May 28 and the videos will be up June 11,” she explained.

“I’m so impressed with these kids. They did it pretty well all on their own and I only helped a  little bit.”

All year long, the brothers and their teacher watched two-minute clips in french from Quebec and around the world and then answered questions on what they watched which familiarized the brothers with what they were asked to create.

David and Robert based their video on a history project done in their French social sciences class on the life of Charles M. Hayes.

The video summarizes their main concepts from the project development and then delves into the relationship Hays had with the Hazelton’s and surrounding communities.

The short two to four-minute videos will be showcased on a website where visitors can view the videos and cast a vote for their favourite.

“Their’s is like a news piece and it’s quite good,” Wernli-Roy said.

“I want people to vote for them, I think they made a really good product and they deserve it.

“They made a good video and I am very excited.”

When the voting closes August 7, two students or videos will be chosen from each province/territory to advance to the finals.

From there judges will select the top six from the country to join Canada’s History in Ottawa as part of the events surrounding the upcoming Governor General History Awards in the Fall.

In addition to online competition,  film festivals will showcase many of the videos from across the country.

To view the Charette brothers’ video and vote for them or other students creations from across Canada, visit www.YoungCitizens.ca.

Wernli-Roy added she hopes everyone from the North goes and “votes for these boys,” as it’s great to show support to local students.