Good and thoughtful young people

Brenda on young people who bring positivity to the world while trying to make it a bit more sane.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

The sun shines through the dirty window. My old dogs are resting in snow. The cat went outside wondering if it was a good idea. My early morning walk showed me that the deer still live here. The red-twigged dogwood has been nipped by the resident moose. Rabbit tracks seem to be fewer these days. That is no doubt because of a lynx who comes here. And so life goes with the ups and downs of the cycle of events.

I had all manner of topics for this week, then just a few moments ago while I drank my reheated coffee I listened to the youth of the Florida massacre. They spoke their minds and hearts, presenting their hopes for safer gun control so never again would a school be the target of a gun owner. Not just any gun owner but one with mental health issues and an assault weapon.

I do not not want to present my views on guns but I am sure as we speak you have a good idea. What I want to observe is that these young students sound so reasonable in their grief. Their eloquent views on this horrific time and their mature ideas on solutions should bring lawmakers and the NRA to shame. I say that knowing full well that this just might not happen. For me just hearing these students planning to fight on for the good of others gives me hope. I can only hope that their “never again” slogan will prove to be true for them.

My mind also turned to the young Nova Scotia girl who died at the age of 18 from brain cancer. Becca Schofield started a movement for acts of kindness around the world. It worked! People were inspired to be kind to someone. “Becca told me to” became the phrase repeated everywhere. Another young person to inspire us.

I can tell you I am glad I had all of you to talk to today. I feel so much better. Other positive things in my life from a week ago was a chance to meet a new resident to the valley who comes here from the Okanagan. As we discussed yams and sweet potatoes in the grocery store we learned a bit about each other. She comes to us being a tad older that I am but with a great attitude. She tells me she is so pleased that the people in this valley are so friendly.

As I said, the sun shines so I will leave this for now hoping all of you will be proud to know a good and thoughtful younger person. As I walk the sunny road I will think about the young people in Florida and their fight to make their world a bit more sane.

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