Gathering of Nations in Hazelton to address poverty and racism

The Gathering of Nations is addressing poverty and racism in the North during a special conference next week.

Hazelton Secondary School teacher Barb Janzee is getting excited about hosting a “Gathering of Nations.”

The gathering is addressing poverty and racism in the North during a special conference next week and wants everyone to take have the opportunity to get involved.

“We really want to have the local community take advantage of the fact that Dr. Martin Brokenleg will be here,” she said.

“It’s really exciting that we are hosting a Northwest Region Education Conference  at Hazelton Secondary.

“We have a number of excellent workshops for anyone and everyone involved in education.

“We want this to be an inclusive event where not only educators, but parents, students, family, community, and anyone involved in education from Haida Gwaii to Prince George and beyond will feel welcome to participate,  learn, share, discuss important issues in education.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Brokenleg, well known for his work, is an avid spokesperson for people living in the North and First Nations culture.

“Many young persons have broken circles and are disconnected from their families, schools and communities,” he said.

“We must form new tribes for all our children so there will be no psychological orphans.”

In addition to the speakers, there will be cultural tours, Gidahmes Dancers and a variety of workshops.

Registration is $100 for Administrators, $75 for Educators and comity members and $25 for parents and students and the deadline is this Friday.

For registration forms or to get involved call Jody Tetreau or Barb Janze for details at 250-842-5214 or  250-842-0428 or email or