Frozen fruit frees affinity for food

Cooking can be a bit of a pain, but Brenda finds healthy frozen fare to make it easier.

Frozen fruit frees affinity for food

I find cooking to be a bit of a pain in my mind. Why bother, I ask myself.

Then the answer comes when I take myself shopping. I look at all that is offered, then I change my mind. I know I should buy fresh vegetables and I do in a limited way. But after consideration, I think why buy something that will linger in my fridge until I allow it to escape to the garbage?

What I have done of late is buy frozen vegetables. I can get a big bag of Thai-style vegetables. I then take out just enough for my dinner. Tastes great and easy to do. I also buy frozen fruit.

The other day I noticed bags of frozen pomegranate seeds. I quite like those little ruby red bursts of sweet and tart. Pomegranate seeds or arils are really one of those nutritional powerhouse foods that we should all try. They have lots of Vitamin C, K and potassium. Let’s not forget that good old fibre.

Like everything, it seems these seeds have been studied just in case they will do some good for us. So here we go! Pomegranate seeds help boost our immune system. They lower blood pressure, work on our high cholesterol.

I like the part that a bunch of those seeds might help with inflammation.

I could get quite excited about the fact that there is a chance my memory might improve. For those of you in a certain mood, the seeds act as an aphrodisiac. I have no idea how long it takes to work.

A juice can be made from the seeds. It of course should just be the juice, not something with a heap of sugar added.

I did see a recipe using the seeds in a salad. The salad had cooked beets, red onion, pomegranate seeds, spinach, arugula and goat cheese. A salad dressing of your choice and you are good to go. I was thinking that a few walnuts would make it nice.

Measurements for ingredients? I don’t do that for a salad. All I want is the good stuff like pomegranate seeds.

Try the frozen ones, then you don’t have to muck about with the whole fruit. Worth a try if we get some benefits.

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