Male mountain bluebirds

Male mountain bluebirds

FOR THE BIRDS:Thoughts on hair and muscles whilst shopping

Watching a few minutes of Dancing With the Stars I liked the dancing but wondered why very fit young men have to be hairless ?

I seldom have time to watch TV. Last night I thought I would make a throw-together dinner and flop in front of the set.

I decided to watch a few minutes of Dancing With the Stars.

I liked the dancing but can you tell me why the very fit young men have to be hairless ?

I have to say that any person or critter that is genetically  prone to having hair should keep the stuff.

Hairless cats and dogs actually make my skin crawl.

I wasn’t crawly when I looked at the young male dancers but I did find them a little too smooth.

That same day when I shopped here and there about the town I could not help but notice magazine covers telling me that I could lose a lot of weight by summer.

Not only that I was told I could have a six pack kind of belly as well as a very firm butt.

Surely they didn’t mean someone my age?

A six pack?

Someone said to me they were happy with their belly keg.

Allow meto  be serious with you for just a moment.

For those many days when I watched my husband take his final life journey I saw many other patients.

What struck me was the weakness they had.

Muscle strength does leave us as we get older.

Does it have to?

Not at all.

My old Al could still stand, use the toilet and sit right to the last day.

Why ?

He had continued to work hard until the cancer did its thing.

I know I won’t get the toned belly and rear end but I can tell you had I not worked with free weights for many years, living alone as I do now would have been difficult.

I can do a lot of very physical work which has saved the day for me.

I do have to take my hat off to all those who try to stay fit.

It might be taking a somatics class, yoga, going to the pool, gym or going to Curves.

Everything will help you as you age.

I have no idea how I managed to get from the topic of body hair to muscle strength but you get the idea.

Lots of good bird calls this past week.

They came in to 250-846-5095. First sandhill cranes for me were April 15.

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