Fellowship, music and memorial benches

Excellent entertainment was provided at the Salad Event by The Boys from the Bush, who combine great harmony with a bit of humour.

I had the opportunity to speak to Sheila Peters about her new novel “The Taste of Ashes.”

After hearing some of the story line I will certainly look for it, available now in bookstores.

The research Sheila did was amazing, actually going to places noted in the book.

A fellowship evening for women, popularly known as “The Salad Event” was recently held at the Smithers United Church.

Hostesses each decorated their table, welcomed guests and served tea and coffee.

Ladies old and young feasted on a wide variety of salads and desserts. Men were not left out as several of them were in the kitchen doing dishes.

Excellent entertainment was provided by The Boys from the Bush, who combine great harmony with a bit of humour.

Altogether a super opportunity for the women from the community to get together for food, fun and fellowship.

Check out the website for the Canadian Society for Social Development.

They have their spring edition of the  SuccessAbilities newsletter available on the website, full of amazing success stories and information.

For low vision readers you can download a recent version of Adobe Reader which features a Read Out Loud tool.

Women live longer than men, but their lives may not be as healthy.

A women’s lifespan on average is 6.3 years longer than men’s.

But, according to statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society, 40% of Canadian females will develop cancer during their lifetime.

2011 saw 84,800 cancer cases in females and 35,100 of those died.

Breast and lung cancers are the biggest culprits.

Next are cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disease and mental health.

There are ways to be on guard, the best is to see your doctor on a regular basis for check-ups.

Keep informed on any health issues.

Feel silly when you have an ache or pain so you ignore it?

Not a good plan.

May is Missing Children’s Month with May 25th as Missing Children’s Day.

Reports from the RCMP show that over 10,000 cases of missing children were reported in BC and over 50,000 in Canada.

Education and awareness will help to stop this horrifying event from happening in your family.

Did you know that the town has a Monuments and Memorials Policy for Facilities, Parks and Open Spaces where you can sponsor a special bench in memory of a loved one?

If this is something of interest to you, submit a written request to the town.

People have been asking for benches for the perimeter trail along Railway Avenue and this information was noted in a recent council meeting.

The first batch of Coca-Cola was perfected in 1886, sold for five cents a glass; sales averaged nine drinks a day.

Today the average is 1.7 billion!

Closing with: Reading is important — read between the lines. Don’t swallow everything. Gwendolyn Brooks.

Ms Brooks, a poet, became the first African-American awarded a Pulitzer Prize.