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Do what you can to beat cabin fever

Tell me how are you feeling today — a little out of sorts? Feeling just a little blue? You have it: cabin fever!

Tell me how are you feeling today — a little out of sorts? Feeling just a little blue? You have it: cabin fever!

Those of us who have lived in the North for many years know that after Christmas cabin fever will creep into our homes. Colder weather makes some of us feel we can’t get outside to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Perhaps a depression has settled into your very being as you thumb through a mountain of Christmas bills. Once more you realize that you have spent too much money on stuff.

I was thinking this very morning that when I actually lived in cabins in Atlin and Cassiar that cabin fever was something we would celebrate. We knew the spring thaw was a distance off so we would gather outside in our layers of warm clothing, imbibe in a hot toddy or two and do something.

In Cassiar we would have Schmoo Days. Some would strap their feet to a very long 2X4 and race the other folks on their board. Downright silly but the fever of living in remote cabins would start to lift. Others would race down the main drag pulling some sourdough in an outhouse. All well and good for those not having to use their outhouse for the purpose intended.

Dog races would happen as well as the dog pull. Old Yukon, a big Shepherd of ours who had three good legs actually managed to win the pull. Of course a lovely female husky in heat at the end of the trail was all the incentive he needed.

Atlin relieved cabin fever with a great day out on the big lake watching dog teams run far away and return. When the race was over we would all shuffle along with our muklucks ice covered. We would play music and listen to the stories of long ago told by some who had lived there a very long time.

Even little Telkwa had a grand time when we had Cabin Fever Days. Dog races, senior’s breakfasts. There were prizes for the best ice sculpture seen around the village. Amazing work done by villagers who abandoned the blues long enough to entertain us all.

What can we do now if there is not a celebration? We can look outside and see the perpetual Christmas card beauty of this land. You could do as we do and leave some Christmas lights outside. Add some colour to your evenings.

You could leave some lights inside as well. I still have lights on a little tree as well as a fat angel I had found at the dump. Keep your world bright and cheerful. Light a candle, listen to great music, work on your health, entertain friends, walk the dog and if none of that makes you feel any better just realise how good we have it by looking at the rain and snow darkly falling on the southern regions. Sadly look at the loss of life in Australia where flood ravage the land. We are lucky indeed.

You can call about your cabin fever solutions by calling 250-846-5095 or just sit by the computer with a hot cup of green tea and send a note to