Divas a must-see show

I plan to attend Divas and Friends, March 31, 7:30 p.m. at the Della Herman Theatre benefit for the Smithers Art Gallery.

Pick up a horseshoe for luck, protection against witches, evil. Legend is Mars (iron) is the enemy of Saturn (God of Witches). Nailed to the front door with two ends uppermost: luck does not “run out.”

Attended Seed Propagation at the Library.

My potatoes have been scabby for the past two years, hoped to find out why.

Instructor Irene Howard presented tons of information on seeds, planting, growing.

We are zone 2/2B: watch the date on seed packets; store seeds carefully, they are alive but in dormant stage; do not compact dirt around seeds when planting; use warm water when watering.

My potatoes?

I need peat moss to lower the pH along with some fresh dirt.

Next in the series: Harvesting Maple Syrup with Patrick Williston.

Fact: It takes 3,650 peanuts to fill a 5-pound container of peanut butter.

Half of all edible peanuts are used to make peanut butter.

Attended Council meeting: changes to their process shortened the evening significantly and made it understandable.

We may see a park like area with seating where the old Mohawk Gas Station was.

There is talk of expanding the skateboard park.

A firm requested rezoning of the Christian School site so apartments/condos could be built.

A presentation by Groundbreakers informed us they are looking for a new site for the Princess Gardens; they want to see more garden sites around town; requested a by-law so people could have a few chickens in their backyard.

Mayor Bachrach is available to community members every Tuesday from noon to 2pm at Town Hall if you have something you would like to discuss.

Also CICK 93.9FM recorded the entire meeting and is broadcasting some of the highlights on Fridays (over the noon hour), following the meeting with a councillor available to answer questions.

Never played Bridge: lessons start mid-march. Jane 250-847-3738, Jeanette 250-846-9126.

Fastest growing group with HIV/AIDS: 55 and over.

Senior Co-housing with Charles Durrett, Co-housing Architect, Author, Della Herman Theatre April 2, 7:30pm.

Collaborative housing, residents participate in design and operation of their own neighbourhood.

A new approach to affordable, sustainable senior’s housing. Free admission. Information www.smithers.ca.

I plan to attend Divas and Friends, March 31, 7:30 p.m. at the Della Herman Theatre.

Benefit for the Smithers Art Gallery. Music and performances: Mark Perry, Boys of the Bush plus a long line of local artists, each worth an evening of listening, never mind all in one night.

Adults $15, youth up to 17 $10, tickets Mountain Eagle Books, Speedee or at the door.

Half of the people served at the Salvation Army are children.

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Closing with: To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.