Digging out some neighbourly gifts

Get that feeling something good has been done for someone in need.

Digging out some neighbourly gifts

It’s snowing — again!

I really should not complain about it. I know many of you were amazed as I was when yesterday we had a truly magical day in the North. Sunshine, snow crystals on all things. Best of all it was the happy smiles of all I met who complicated the weather people or whoever made that special day for all of us.

One thing I was impressed with was the number of folks who said they had made it to town because someone had helped them do so. A driveway cleared, transport to town. Outside the Credit Union I saw a younger person assisting an elder cross the street. Something special on that sunny day.

I have to say that I too was lucky to have help from others. I shovelled as much as I could. Darn snowblower didn’t respond to me. Nothing I said in very unladylike terms made it start. Along comes Ned.

“While you are here,” I said. Right off the bat the snowblower was ready to do its job. Next my greenhouse was cleared of snow. So it was up and down the driveway I slowly plowed. Did a good job.

Next on the scene was Stoney with a four-wheel thing with a plow. So the big heaps of snow were pulled away from the yard so I could once more get here and there. What would I do without friends?

So, I ask you when your Christmas shopping frenzy wells up or a black Friday has passed from our minds, what will you have bought for the person who no longer needs any more stuff? Why not try some creative ways to make Christmas a good memory for a neighbour, granny or some other person who would greatly appreciate your kindness.

A promise to shovel a walkway, walk a dog, out for lunch or maybe a donation to some charity in the person’s name. That feeling that something good has been done for someone in need.

I know you will set your mind to some gift that will have meaning for a neighbour down the road who lives alone or someone in your own family that would be tickled pink that you cared about them.

Before I leave today I have to tell you that the one-eyed deer that has fed at this place for 17 winters returned this very day. She had been in the neighbourhood. Also saw a squirrel and a weasel having a set-to. Not sure of the outcome.

So on this day when it snows once more I have an idea that there are others like me who say thank-you for helping us get about in the snow.

You can call 250-846-5095 or email a note to mallory@bulkley.net.