Cooking up some brain stew

Take a sip from Brenda Mallory’s bubbling brain stew.

Cooking up some brain stew

I have a brain stew in the works this morning. You probably know what I mean.

The meat and vegetables of life are gumming up the works. I walked the dogs and the cat around my personal park this morning trying to concentrate on the beauty of this place. Those little hints of fall were just what I wanted to make me feel good about the day.

Red-twigged dogwood just turning to their rosy pink colour. Cranberry leaves a brighter red with the berries looking like tiny ruby jewels. Tall wild asters in bloom, fireweed turning colour as well. Birch trees dropping their golden leaves to the trail. Lovely.

So, you ask, where does the stew bubble to the surface?

I am, of course, thinking about my cataract surgery which happens next week. I also think about the good friends who have stepped forward to help me. One to drive me to Terrace, another to look after my critters here. I have even had soup and other goodies sent this way just in case cooking is not part of the program.

I was thinking about all the dead willows I could get out there and cut down. A good friend has checked over my chainsaw and now it is ready to cut down those trees. My log splitter is waiting for me to split bigger chunks of wood. All this is very exciting for me. I know what you are saying just about now. Get a social life!

Confusion for me is figuring out this new computer. Yesterday, I was helped from the good folks at Cybernet. Norm is a patient and kind person. Something else to think about.

My brain stew kept on bubbling as I waited for the dogs to finish their discussion with a bear. The bear is not a problem. It was enjoying Saskatoon berries. Dogs are back in their compound, the bear is still in the forest , wild rabbits are hopping up the driveway, no doubt noticing the fox poop here and there. The cat? He is still out there somewhere. I will find him in a minute or two.

Another part of this disjointed discussion is a story of a friend who walks a dog who is reacting to his asthma attacks. The dog is anxious, walking very close with concern. I am thinking that many of you probably have experienced similar events if you have a dog.

I know when Al was at the end of his life, two old dogs would sit by his bed while he slept. They would not leave his side until he told them it is okay. I had an old husky dog who refused to let me walk any further knowing I had no idea that a grizzly was just ahead. Interesting isn’t it?

I did want to talk about back to school stuff but I was kind of put off the topic after speaking to a mom who said they had to drive to Terrace because they couldn’t get the right backpack in Smithers. Buy this and buy that all in the hope that the school year would be a big success.

I ask you where have the simple pleasures of life gone?

I guess I could sum that up in my stew-like brain by saying the simple pleasures of my life are just outside the door, so that is where I am going.

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