Chickadees still loitering around

Lots of black-capped chickadees of late, also saw a mountain chickadee and Marilyn from Fort Nelson still has boreal chickadees.

I would have written this column earlier but I had to wait until it stopped snowing.

Now, with the sun shining, the beauty of the north is fully displayed.

Fine and dandy if I didn’t have to shovel the stuff.

I did shovel a clear spot for a bit more bird seed and a smooth area for the deer to visit their cob.

I know, the deer can find food for themselves. If it’s all the same to the critics of feeding deer I say they make my day a little better.

Lots of black-capped chickadees of late. Today just by chance I saw a mountain chickadee.

Marilyn from Fort Nelson still has boreal chickadees along with the black capped.

A friend from the coast told me today the spring flowers don’t seem to mind the cold rainy days. A daffodil is blooming for her.

Can’t compete with flowers I guess but I did have a moose sleeping along my walking  trail.

I have an idea you might not be interested in what a moose does after a good nap. They drop a lot of those nuggets, then has a pee.

Now that’s what I call a pee!! It made a very deep hole on the trail.

Lots of swans near Kitimat. Eagles are now on their nests. Seems early but that’s because of the huge amount of snow still on the ground.

Carol saw a hawk by the airport in Fort Nelson. She did not get an ID.

Maybe she will this next week.

It’s time to think about building a few nesting boxes if you feel inclined.

How about a box for the chickadees? The diameter of the entrance hole is 1.5 inches. The entrance hole should be 6 − 7 inches above the floor. Floor dimensions are 4 x 4 or 5 x 5. Total height of box is 9 − 12 inches.

Do not put a perch on the box as it encourages some predators.

The information about building bird nesting boxes came from Stokes Backyard Bird Book.

This is a great time to get out on the community trails to walk your dog and look for birds.

I hear from some readers that trails get a little thick with dog business.

How tough it is to take a plastic bag to pick up your doggy do? After all you have to navigate the messy trail as well.

I walk the neighbours long driveway. I try to pick up the stuff at least once a week.

Not all from my dogs but it has to be done. Be considerate.

Geese and robins are on their way.

Let me know when you see the birds of spring.

Good to talk to you when you call 250-846-5095. I apologize to the person who called about a raven.

I could not hear the number. An e-mail is often a better option. Send those to