Changing the channel on worming thoughts

Brenda Mallory’s point is to maybe avoid those 10 minute intervals that worm thoughts into our brains

Changing the channel on worming thoughts

How do you start your morning? Probably none of my business. Just curious. Me? Well, after I do what I must do I let the dogs out of the compound, feed the old pheasant. By then the dogs have returned and I feed them. Now it is my turn for a cup of coffee and a gooey cheese omelette.

I don’t sit politely at the table. I sit in my old beer parlour chair in front of the TV. I want to see how the folks are doing in the forest fire zone. Kind of interested in the weather report. I don’t know how long the sets of commercials are but too long for me. Will I ever see the news?

I was told the new way to lose weight is some kind of freezing of the flesh. Heck, I can do that during the winter. I could run the snow blower in my altogether. Up pops the ad about the old people trying to get up the stairs. They have one of the chair lift things installed and they are just so darned happy! You know what they say next. “Sit don’t fall.”

Of course we need an ad about food. The ad they want me to watch is for pancakes from some place. Almost made me gag just looking at all the mucky piled on. Not sure if it was a healthy choice but if I went on a certain day it wasn’t too pricey. If I had a child they could eat for free.

I had by that time finished my breakfast, enjoyed my coffee and I just had to get going. Things to do.

I worked outside for an hour or so.

I deserved another cup of coffee. Same plan. I sat in my chair in front of the telly thinking now I can catch up on the news. Not so. That old poop was still trying to get up the stairs.

Sit, don’t fall.

They are once more trying to get me all excited about those indecently sweet pancakes. How often are those sets of commercials played during the day? I guess I could have changed the channel, but for some reason that old guy will still be riding his stair chair. Best bet for me is to get back outside, do something to make this a better place and try for the life of me to not salivate in private about those pancakes. The old guy has been vanquished from my thoughts but I am sure as the day is long that tomorrow a new set of commercial enticements will enter my private space.

My point is — if there is a point — is to maybe avoid those 10 minute intervals that worm thoughts into our brains. I just hate that.

Today our new Premier, John Horgan, took up his new job. I was pleased to see the make-up of his cabinet. Also glad to see our own MLA Doug Donaldson getting the Forest Ministry. Congratulations Doug! I did watch the swearing in ceremony. I was tickled to notice a sense of humour in Horgan. Actually able to laugh at himself. How unique!

Already I hear folks who did not vote NDP hoping he does not do well. No matter who won we should hope the winner does a great job. Certainly affects all of us.

Hats off to those who are helping the folks who have been impacted by the fires south of us. Good for you!

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