Boo humbug to Halloween

Watching the popularity of Halloween grow so big gives Brenda a fright.

Boo humbug to Halloween

I have to tell you right up front that I really dislike Halloween.

How did it get to be such a big deal? Canadians spend a scary amount of money buying costumes, candy and decorations. In fact it has been said that Canadians spend more than Americans per capita. It comes in second to Christmas. How did that happen? A billion dollars or so we are told.

I have an idea Halloween grew and grew as adults involved themselves in this event which was once for children. Big parties are set up so grown folks can dress like a witch or something else that is kind of nasty or cute. Those costumes can be bought in the bigger cities at something called a pop-up store.

The TV has many cooking shows where people spend time and effort making some ghoulish cake probably dripping with fake blood. Mmm tasty!

Halloween is an event started in the lore of Celtic folks. The belief was that on this one night of horror the dead get to roam around and cross over into the world of the living. Isn’t that just dandy? Like we don’t have enough people already.

Halloween came to North American when the Irish arrived around 1800. My grandfather arrived here in the late 1800s. I am not sure if the Irish did the hallow eve stuff in Ireland. Certainly a long way from today’s events.

I can go along with events that are planned by the Kinsmen and others that make the idea something for families to enjoy. Fireworks and a big bonfire. Maybe that is what this is about.

Don’t forget those of you who have dogs or a cat outside on the special night, try to make sure they feel safe when all the fireworks blasts off.

I should wish you a happy Halloween but for the love of me I can’t figure out why I would. Be careful out there. No need for a frightful accident to ruin the night.

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