Better ways to celebrate in hot and dry weather

There is someone near Brenda who does not have a clue about fireworks and dry hot weather.

Brenda Mallory

Brenda Mallory

It was a hot night — 35 degrees!

I had walked the dogs along my grassy shady trails. Later we sat in the dog compound. I groomed the dogs and the cat. Dog hair flew here and there as we all tried to stay in place where the breeze from the fan could reach us. That’s it, I told the group. I went to my hovel upstairs. In some circles it would be called a bedroom.

Then I heard something! Was it gunfire? No, it was actually fireworks. Really? There is someone out there who does not have a clue about fireworks and dry hot weather? Surely not. Just the same the annoying noise went on for quite some time. Someone was celebrating something in Telkwa. I tell you we were lucky. We didn’t get one of those human-caused fires. Still, I ask you why would a person do the fireworks thing with dry grass and high temperatures? Now as I calm down I know the rain will come soon and all will be right in this northern world.

I digress. I really wanted to talk to many of you who were confined to your homes during the heat wave. No exercise, little sleep and moderately aggravated. I know some of you are up a night when you can’t sleep. You might have to pee a fair bit. What to do until the next day begins?

I found a solution. Turn on PBS TV at 2 a.m. There is a lady waiting for you to join her in an exercise session called Sit and be Fit. You could tape the show I suppose.

I have a small TV by my bed so I sit there in all my glory and do as I am told to make me more fit. There is no serious stuff but much of what we are told to do will help us with balance, etc. I have to be honest here and tell you I find the lady leading all of us to wellness just ever so sweet. You know what I mean.

If you don’t get that channel with the sweet lady why not try sitting in your chair and do a few stretches with your cane. Check on your computer. Some sites will take you through a few simple exercises that could help all of us when times are not easy for any movement. This getting older is fraught with some troubles so why not Sit and be Fit or sit and stretch — anything to keep us a little fit and balanced.

Don’t call me at 250-846-5095 if you are planning a fireworks event. You could tell me something when you send a note to