A Cooper’s Hawk was a rare sighting during the 2019 Smithers Christmas Bird Count. (Archive photo)

A Cooper’s Hawk was a rare sighting during the 2019 Smithers Christmas Bird Count. (Archive photo)

Annual Christmas Bird Count seeks a few good birders

Participants must register by Dec. 22

The Bulkley Valley Naturalists are looking for a few good birders to help with the annual Smithers Christmas Bird Count.

The count will be held on Monday, Dec. 27from dawn to dusk (and maybe owling after dark).

Participants must register. By registering people can chose the area they prefer to count or be assigned to an area that is not already being covered.

In addition, beginners can be placed with a group of more experienced birders. Counts must be done inside the count circle to be valid. The count must take place with the 24 kilometre (15 mile) diameter circle centered around the Central Park Building in Smithers.

We need more field counters and feeder watchers, please.

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Registration is open by calling 250-847-9429 or emailing rpojar@gmail.com until Dec. 22.

The count is one of hundreds that take place across Canada, the U.S. and parts of central and South America. It is always lots of fun, especially as people try hard to outdo each other by finding the most unusual species of the day.

People unable to get out are encouraged to watch their bird feeders, but please tell us where your feeder is located so that we do not count it twice.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be having a potluck supper to tally the results. Therefore, it is extremely important that registrants fill in the forms completely and email them to the coordinator as soon as they can after the count.

You will receive count forms once you register to participate.

Thanks on behalf of the Bulkley Valley Naturalists.


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