Amateur chef showdown set to spice up the Bulkley Valley

If you think you can cook, you might win two roundtrip airfares to Vancouver. All you have to do is win Rob's Amateur Chef Showdown.

If you think you can cook, then we just might have the tickets for you, two round-trip plane tickets to Vancouver that is.

All you have to do is win Rob’s Amateur Chef Showdown, April 21.

To get in on the action your first have to find someone you trust in the kitchen and then you sign up as a team.  Entry forms are available at Rob’s Restaurant, Frontier Chrysler, The Interior-News, Kitchen Works and Glacier View Satellite.

There is no fee to enter the contest, but the deadline to enter is April 10.

The catch is, we will draw three teams and those teams will compete for bragging rights as the cooking champs of the Bulkley Valley and of course two round-trip airfares to Vancouver courtesy of Hawkair.

The three teams will each prepare a three-course meal, appetizer, main course and dessert, using special ingredients.

Now, for those of you who want a good laugh, we have 70 tickets to the Amateur Chef Showdown.

Because we’re not certain the amateur chefs will be worth the price of admission, we’re throwing in a Tapas bar and a glass of wine, or whine depending on how the chefs do, for $15.

Proceeds from the Amateur Chef Showdown will go to the Smithers Child Development Centre.

Video cameras and large screen TV’s, furnished by Glacier View Satellite, will make sure everyone gets a good view of the good, bad and ugly action in the kitchen.

The winner of the Amateur Chef Showdown will be determined by three celebrity judges – well that’s what we’re calling them.

Leading the judges is Robert Wagner, owner of Rob’s Restaurant.  Also risking their lives in the all important taste test are Chris Luther and Taylor Bachrach, mayor of Smithers.

We don’t want the losing teams to leave the event with the taste of burnt bouillabaisse in their mouths, so the second-place team will leave $100 richer and the third place team will pocket $50.

If watching amateur chefs at work isn’t enough, we’ve also organized a bartending contest.  You can call Rob at his restaurant for the details.

For those of you who enjoy more than a glass of wine, Frontier Chrysler is offering a designated driver service.

Tickets are available at Rob’s Restaurant, 3735 Alfred Ave., Smithers.

Sponsors of the event are Rob’s Restaurant, Frontier Chrysler, Glacier View Satellite, Bulkley Valley Credit Union, Kitchen Works, Hawkair and The Interior News.