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A good way to use up some coffee

Brenda also wants to know about your innovative ways of using almond milk.
Brenda Mallory

Milk! Some can drink it, some can’t.

There are those who are lactose intolerant and there are some like me who don’t drink milk. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy milk, but I figure someone my age can find different things to drink.

As it happens I do use cream in my coffee. I make a pot of coffee every couple days. Put the leftover coffee in a carafe, heat up a cup of coffee when I feel inclined. I decided I could make one of those ice coffee drinks I see advertised on the telly. Try something different I said to myself. I got it!

I bought a container of almond milk. Vanilla unsweetened. It is very nutritious. Low in calories, doesn’t raise blood sugar, dairy free, strengthens bones. It has good vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D, calcium and protein.

Had the coffee, had the almond milk, so I made a smoothie with it. I put a dash or two of protein powder, a blast of honey, some good strong coffee, blended it all and I have to say I enjoyed that drink.

After a few more tries I decided to make ice cubes with some coffee so the drink is not too diluted. I was told I could blend in an avocado but that didn’t do much for me. Still, it was a good way to use up some coffee.

Almond milk would make dandy fruit smoothies as well. Frozen fruit including a banana, yogurt for the creamy effect. An easy way to get a cool healthy drink. Use your imagination.

I read that if you want a smoothie to be thicker and smoother try some psyllium powder. I did try a little of that in one batch. Interesting results if you get my drift.

Let me know about your innovative ways of using almond milk. You could tell me about it when you call 250-846-5095 or email me at