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A closer look at 2023 Skeena Salmon Arts Show featured artist Jen Coleman

Coleman’s work infuses passion for nature and exploration

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Rosswood, just northwest of Terrace, local artist Jen Coleman is making waves with her vibrant and distinctive artwork, all characterized by acrylic paints. Using a palette of bold colours applied in thin, watered-down layers, Coleman’s pieces are a visual feast, drawing onlookers into a mesmerizing dance of hues.

Painting is but a facet of Coleman’s artistic identity. She has carved out a reputation for jewellery, intricate macramé pieces, wood burnings, and wall hangings. True to an eco-conscious ethic, Coleman often turns to scraps, upcycling materials for her creations.

Coleman is always on the hunt for new mediums, inspired in no small part by her diverse array of hobbies.Whether she’s out fishing or manoeuvring her kayak through tranquil waters, Coleman draws inspiration from her immediate environment. The natural beauty of Rosswood and the diverse wildlife that graces her property serve as perpetual muses, fuelling her endeavours.

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For Coleman, the act of creation is deeply personal. Every piece is imbued with a touch of her artistic soul, making each work refreshingly original.

The Skeena Salmon Arts Festival has been a testament to Coleman’s talents.

“Participating in the Skeena Salmon Arts Festival provides a perfect opportunity to showcase my work, connect with others who appreciate art and the environment, and raise awareness about preserving our natural habitats,” Coleman shared.

Art aficionados and environmental enthusiasts alike will enjoy her creativity and its interwining with nature.

Coleman’s work was on display at the Skeena Salmon Arts Show first at the Terrace Art Gallery and now in Kitimat at the Kitimat Museum & Archives from Sept. 8 to Oct. 7. It then moves to the Smithers Art Gallery from Oct. 10 to Nov. 11.

Jen Coleman is one of a group of 2023 Skeena Salmon Arts Show artists being featured each week.

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