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Another successful Fall Fair

Deb loves the tradition of Fall Fair’s
The heavy horse pull will be one of many events returning to the fall fair grounds for the annual BVX (Marisca Bakker photo)

Another fall fair has come and gone, which means school is close to starting, and all of us begin to shift toward all things fall.

This year was the 103rd running of the fair, and from what I could tell, it was a huge success. The gates were busy, the rides had long lines, the rodeo, logger sports, Canine Stars, 4-H show and sale along with the petting zoo were all crazy busy. Throughout the day and at night people could dance their hearts out to live music.

All of it is tradition. Everyone knows it’s coming, kids of all ages get excited to meet up with their friends, people come from all over to attend, and starting with the parade, the whole weekend becomes a sort of fall fair “fog” of frenetic activity. By Sunday night I am exhausted, my sides hurt from laughing and I am completely broke.

I have taken all of my kids to the fall fair, and for years now. my grandkids. I love the smiles on their faces. There is always plenty to do for all of them. The “littles” as I call the youngest ones have as much fun as the teens. It is a family weekend we have always enjoyed.

This year was blessed with fabulous weather, and even when it drizzled a bit, it didn’t slow anyone down. If anything it kept the dust at bay.

It takes an awful lot of people to make the fair happen, and I just wanted to say thank you! Your efforts are amazing, and must be very satisfying, too. People truly enjoy themselves.

I want to especially thank our first responders. They are busy the entire weekend. I heard the sirens go several times over the weekend, and I always hope everyone is OK. Our first responder teams work all through the day and night to make sure the massive throng of people that hit town for the fair stays safe, or gets the help they need. I am always grateful for their dedication.

The fall fair makes me think of my first fair, and my Granddad Ted. He was fire chief, and the volunteer fire department, at that time, was in charge of everything from the parade to the stuffed animals for the games. Granddad would get a devilish glint in his eyes I still remember well and say “would you like a stuffed animal and some candy?” Whoa, was that ever fun, and I still have one of the stuffed animals I got to choose. We would laugh and eat candy and then I would watch my Granddad lead the parade. Traditions.

My two youngest granddaughters got to experience their first fair in the same place I did when I was young. For them, it was Gigi (Great Grandma) who got to introduce them to the excitement. My Granddad Ted must have been smiling from heaven that the tradition still lives.

It does there in my hometown as it does here.

Thanks to all for another great one!