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TNDC: A leading contributor to the Northwest B.C. mining & exploration sector

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Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) continues to play an instrumental role in developing Northwest British Columbia, including the mining and exploration sector in BC’s Golden Triangle.

In the 1980’s TNDC supported the Golden Bear project, providing road construction, settling pond construction, and camp services.

In the 1990’s TNDC supported the Eskay Mine, providing road, camp and mill construction, site works, and concentrate hauling. The housekeeping/catering contract launched TNDC’s camp services division.

From 2010 to 2015 TNDC contributed to our Province’s clean energy needs by helping to construct the Northwest Transmission Line, which is powering projects in BC’s Golden Triangle.

During this same time, TNDC helped construct the Coast Mountain Hydro hydroelectric projects. This clean energy infrastructure is enabling mines like Brucejack to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing diesel-fueled fleet with zero-emissions electric equipment. As a result the Brucejack mine has the lowest GHG emissions per ounce produced of any mine in Canada and Australia.

Today, TNDC and our partners have been helping to advance Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project and Skeena Resources’ Eskay Creek Revitalization Project. At the Brucejack Mine, TNDC is delivering underground tunnel development, ground support and production services. At the Red Chris Mine, TNDC and our partners are providing among other services, tailings impoundment area construction, air and ground crew transportation, and underground portal construction.

TNDC continues to grow and diversify, and according to Business in Vancouver TNDC is the largest Indigenous corporation by number of employees in BC.

TNDC is already providing fibre optics to the Coast Mountain Hydro Projects and to the Red Chris and Brucejack Mines, and will be expanding the provision of fibre optics to the communities of Iskut and Dease Lake, providing critical high-speed internet to remote Tahltan communities, enhancing the delivery of healthcare and education.

In 2021, TNDC began operating the Dease Lake Airport, responsible for inspections, maintenance, and ongoing operations. TNDC is serving mining charter and medevac flights, providing air freight bulk diesel sales to exploration companies, and established a heli-base to operators needing local logistical help.

“TNDC’s contributions have been crucial to the development of Northwest BC and the Golden Triangle. With several strategic business plans in the works, TNDC will continue to be a major player in creating growth and prosperity in one of the most remote and beautiful regions of our Province,” says Paul Gruner, TNDC’s Chief Executive Officer.

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