Seabridge conduct a KSM site tour in July 2014. (Seabridge Gold photo)

Seabridge conduct a KSM site tour in July 2014. (Seabridge Gold photo)

Seabridge seeks emergency extension of environmental certificate

A public and First Nations comment period opens Nov. 19 and closes Dec. 3

Seabridge Gold is looking for an extension to its environmental assessment certificate (EAC) for its KSM (Kerr-Suphurets-Mitchell) project located approximately 65 kilometres northwest of Stewart.

The Smithers-based company originally received its certificate in 2014 and was granted a one-time extension of five years in 2019. If the mine is not substantially underway by July 29, 2024, the EAC will expire.

However, the company submitted a request for an emergency variance of two additional years arguing the COVID-19 pandemic and associated federal and provincial states of emergency are hindering its efforts to meet the existing deadline.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has the power to grant such a variance under Section 46 of the province’s Environment Assessment Act in reponse to an emergency and if the variance is in the public interest.

Prior to making a decision, however, the application must be open to public and First Nations input.

Stakeholders wishing to comment on the company’s request will have two weeks to do so starting Nov. 19 and ending Dec. 3.

Documents related to the request are available at

Comments will be accepted by online form (; by mail to Shelley Murphy, PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC, V8W 9V1 and by Fax to 250-356-7477.

Seabridge has Impact Benefits Agreements with both the Nisga’a and Tahltan First Nations.