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How to care for pets in the heat

Spice of Life column by Brenda Mallory for the week of July 1.

Spice of Life: side effects? There’s a pill for that

I do know many in my age bracket that take a big heap of pills. Enough that a container to organize things is needed.

To your good health

Spice of Life: A topic most often ignored in polite society, but being regular is to your benefit.

SPICE OF LIFE: Glorious hair comes from diet

My mother was right when she said healthy hair comes from what we eat.

SPICE OF LIFE: Jubilee raises many questions

Did you watch the Diamond Jubilee celebrations? I watched a little.

SPICE OF LIFE: Asking is best way to get answers

Since I’m slowly getting the hang of this new phase in my life I have to say there seem to be more questions than my mind can handle.

SPICE OF LIFE: Dandelions one of nature’s treats

I wanted to tell you about the wild things that come to us at this time of the year that can be eaten, including dandelions.

FOR THE BIRDS: A little spice of life and a little time for feathered friends

It’s been one of those weeks again. Should we talk about birds or just life in general? The concepts are just a little blurred.

Bird arrivals trump pity party

Talking about birds, so many reports have come in. Seems like a few warblers showing up around Smithers.

FOR THE BIRDS: Spring arrivals ease laptop woes

Go ahead laptop computer correct my mistakes now. You can be sure that having the birds to watch is keeping me sane.

FOR THE BIRDS:Thoughts on hair and muscles whilst shopping

Watching a few minutes of Dancing With the Stars I liked the dancing but wondered why very fit young men have to be hairless ?

FOR THE BIRDS: Feathered friends flocking to Smithers

Saw my first swallows today. They will be in the northeast soon as well. Make sure you clean the swallow boxes.

FOR THE BIRDS: The good and the bad of television

Television has become background noise for me I seldom have time to actually watch anything.

FOR THE BIRDS: Blackbirds and pussy willows mark spring

The pussy willows and the bird song confirms the season for me.

Notes from readers help time move along

Brenda Mallory finds solace in reading notes from readers.

Chickadees still loitering around

Lots of black-capped chickadees of late, also saw a mountain chickadee and Marilyn from Fort Nelson still has boreal chickadees.

Birders reporting sick redpolls

Brenda Mallory talks about the latest bird sightings in For the Birds.

Tuning our modern television programming

Brenda Mallory writes the Spice of Life and this week takes on reality television.

Feel free to share your best suet cake recipes

Brenda Mallory's For the Birds.

Being thankful on Thanksgiving

Brenda Mallory's Spice of Life