Lorraine Doiron

Generations across the board

Our View from the Porch columnist describes how grandparents can connect with grandchildren; and the library has Fall Fair themed puzzles.

Extreme energy talk Tuesday

Tar sands, pipelines, fracking and the Site C dam are putting water sources, climate and public health at risk.

View from the Porch: Swim with the salmon through art.

View from the Porch: Swim with the salmon through art; see shortlisted authors.

Bid on student art displayed around town

A View From the Porch: happy birthday to the flag, Toastmasters Month, agricultural land use, and Student Art in Focus.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Paddle and potluck in Round Lake

You’re invited to the Round Lake Community Hall Saturday, June 23 to celebrate longer days with a potluck and a paddle on Round Lake.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Planning Smithers’ Centennial celebrations

June 13 at Town Hall come and join in planning the upcoming Homecoming 2013 event, more information billgoodacre@telus.net.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Happiness and destiny in your hands

I miss the Oprah Show, but glad she is touring, even in Canada.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH:Tree planters and music bring optimism

Tree-planter Guillaume, has lived here two years, started up his own tree-planting company for the opportunity to earn some money.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Bears and graduation all part of spring

If you see a bear remain calm and don’t panic. Never approach a bear and do not run from it either.

Fellowship, music and memorial benches

Excellent entertainment was provided at the Salad Event by The Boys from the Bush, who combine great harmony with a bit of humour.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Aprons string memories of life together

I don’t think kids know what an apron is. Grandma’s apron was to protect the dress underneath because she only had a few.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Rocks tastier than cranes, much to do about town

Hearing many birds, look up and see great V’s of cranes flying overhead and asked if anyone had eaten crane, was it like duck?

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Memories of Easter’s past

With spring comes Easter. Always looked forward to having all the candy possible after the long, candy-less Lent.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Notes from around town

Many thanks to Jody Barber and the DAF grad crew for helping to move 250 boxes of books donated to the Library to a secure storage area.

VIEW FROM THE PORCH: Seeking shining stars

There's much ado about town, including Volunteer Smithers looking to recognize shining stars.

Divas a must-see show

I plan to attend Divas and Friends, March 31, 7:30 p.m. at the Della Herman Theatre benefit for the Smithers Art Gallery.

Happy birthday, Almanac

Lorraine Doiron talks about what's happening around town in View from the Porch.

Respecting the departed

Lorraine Doiron writes the weekly View from the Porch for The Interior News.

View from the Porch for Feb. 13

Lorraine Doiron's View from the Porch column talks on the upcoming happenings of town.

Lots of things seen from Doiron’s porch

Lorraine Doiron writes about happenings in her View from the Porch column.