Andrew Hudson

Enrolment at 20-year-low but should stabilize

Student enrolment has fallen to a 20-year low, but the Bulkley Valley School District expect the decline will level off soon.

Looking for a home run on homelessness

Salvation Army director Rick Apperson seems to be have taken those directions to heart.

Bioenergy—B.C.’s next trademark?

A new industry association aims to foster a cluster of bioenergy development in northwest B.C.

Aboriginal education a big part of curriculum

After they polish off Thanksgiving leftovers, local Grade 4 students can look ahead to a traditional meal on the other side of winter—the Wet’suwe’ten mini-feast in Moricetown.

Smithers relatively shielded from wildfire danger

Tucked between the Bulkley River and the steep slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain, Smithers is relatively shielded from wildfires.

Finance committee hears plight of 19-year-old

More support requested for social services.

A few new things for the school year

As schools in the Bulkley Valley ring in a new school year, students can expect a few new programs—and new chances to earn scholarships.

Rising costs hurting cattlemen

Cattle prices are rising in Canada, but local cattlemen say costs have risen even faster and many full-time cattlemen are having to leave the business.

A major Hassell

Smithers Interior News Our Town Feature - Alixis Hassell

Senior premiums to be debated at UBCM

Seniors groups and municipalities across B.C. are calling on the province to cancel Medical Services Plan premiums for seniors.

Paramedics joining the shift at BV Hospital ER

In a B.C. first, paramedics are joining emergency room staff for regular shifts at the Bulkley Valley District Hospital (BVDH).

Cullen ponders a go at NDP leadership

“Nathan Cullen for prime minister!” read a poster outside the Old Church in Smithers last Saturday night.

Smithers wants Ottawa to foot more of the bill for RCMP

The Town of Smithers has joined a long list of B.C. municipalities who are calling on Ottawa to pay a larger share of policing costs.

Clark’s right hand man speaks in Smithers

John Les, who is also the MLA for Chilliwack, stopped in Smithers on Aug. 31 to talk about the future of the B.C. economy. He travelled from Terrace to Prince George on behalf of Premier Christy Clark, who is expected to unveil a new jobs strategy in late September.

Letting loose with Rob Widen

Rob Widen takes an unfinished bow off his workbench, strings it, and slowly draws it over a long block of wood he has notched to measure how much weight the string bears.

Poster campaign to educate on drinking and pregnancy

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are a range of birth defects that can occur when mothers drink alcohol during pregnancy.

Salaries, learner support are key for B.V. teachers

Teacher salaries and support for special needs students are major issues for Bulkley Valley teachers in the ongoing dispute between public school teachers and the B.C. government. That is according to Karin Bachman, president of the Bulkley Valley Teachers Union (BVTU).

Taking northwest farms to market

Jason Llewellyn, the director of planning for the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN), is gathering farmers and other stakeholders for one of two projects that have the same goal—boosting commercial agriculture in northern B.C.

Perry, Perry, Rowell? Family law office growing at year 60

Along with Hoskins Ford, Perry & Co. is one of the few family businesses in Smithers that can safely apply for senior’s status—the law office just turned 60.

Council airs parking bylaw changes

Along with several other changes to a proposed parking bylaw, Smithers councillors voted Aug. 23 to raise the price of a downtown parking space from $5,500 to $9,500.