Game off at Smithers parks until May 23

Heritage and Elks Parks need repair work after heavy rain and playing on wet fields caused damage.

The Town of Smithers has issued a notice that Elks and Heritage Park fields are closed until Tuesday, May 23 so they can dry out and be repaired after the recent heavy rain.

From the Town:

The Elks Park and Heritage Park ball diamonds are still saturated with water from the recent wet weather. There are visible puddles and muddy areas present on the playing surface of many of the diamonds and others have sustained significant damage in the form of ruts and depressions due to the decision of some users to play during the recent inclement weather.

The current conditions are too wet for play and for our parks crew to perform the necessary field maintenance and repairs. Keeping the fields closed until after the long weekend should allow sufficient time for the fields to dry up and the necessary repairs to take place. We will re-evaluate the conditions on Tuesday and inform you if there is any need to extend the closure.

Thank you for your cooperation in staying off the fields during this closure and please see the attached Field Closure Guidelines for some additional important information regarding field closures.