A pitbull named “Lucy” participates a the U.S. Postal Service National Dog Bite Prevention Week during an awareness event in at the YMCA in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Amanda Lee Myers)

Please maintain control of your dogs

RCMP Staff Sgt. Rob Mitchell says dog-related complaints are way up in Telkwa.

The Village of Telkwa has experienced an increase in the number of dog related complaints (bites, nuisance dogs running at large) in 2017. There were two complaints in 2016 and eight in 2015. At the seven month mark in 2017, there are already nine dog related complaints, including four dog bites. As a result, Telkwa mayor and council are in the process of reviewing and revising the Telkwa Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw. Tighter restrictions will soon be in place with increased fines.

The vast majority of issues will be eliminated if dog owners follow two basic rules:

1. Restrain dogs on your property with a secure fenced yard or tether system.

2. When walking or running with a dog, ensure a leash is used at all times.

Aggressive or dangerous breeds require a greater deal of restraint to ensure the safety of others.

Enjoy your pets; however, ensure they are not a burden to others. Telkwa mayor and council have made it clear they are looking for voluntary dog control compliance with the rules and will continue to focus on education. If necessary, the bylaw officer or RCMP will enforce the legislation. Please maintain control of your dogs, and pets in general.

Staff Sgt. Rob Mitchell

Smithers RCMP