Leroy Dekens hoping to bring Telkwa back to its roots

Village of Telkwa: Dekens, Leroy — Councillor Candidate

  • Mon Oct 27th, 2014 8:00am
  • News

This is the first time Leroy Dekens is running for a spot on council. Though he admits he doesn’t have much experience, he has lived in the Bulkley Valley for the past 25 years and has run the Race Trac Gas station for the past 23 years. He believes taxes and spending are “out of control” with the village and wants to bring Telkwa back to its roots. “The town is the same as a business. You can’t spend more than what you’re making and I think that’s very important. You have to make a profit and if you can’t make a profit, you won’t stay in business,” said Dekens.