Coconut oil not your bag? Chat with the cat

There are many ways to make life’s path stretch out a bit longer.

I told myself this very day, “do not complain about the weather.”

Even as I say that, I realize we have little to complain about in this valley. Warm most days, lots of sunshine and just enough rain to make us feel safe from the fire threats of other places. Of course, I can’t help but feel so sorry for the folks in Texas who have a battle on their hands for some time to come. What a disaster! I can’t imagine having to deal with losing everything. I know our thoughts are with everyone.

After I brought in some wood and split it, it was time to feed the dogs. That done it was my turn to have dinner and watch the news. Along the bottom of the screen there was a ticker tape message saying that research now says that a very high carbohydrate diet is not good for our heart. The information now is that good fats are important for us to keep our old ticker pumping away.

We all know that carbs turn into sugar in our bodies, which is not a good thing. Some foods add a lot of sugar to our system. It is stored as fat and so the process begins. I gather from information we could start adding good fats to out diet, which might just help us live better and maybe longer.

Which oils are the best? Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, eating avocados are a big deal and so very healthy. Who knows what the best thing is for those of us aging along life’s path? We can do our best hoping for the same as time goes along.

Who can say if eating fewer carbs and more fat will help? Just have to give it a try I suppose.

We know it is not always food that will do the trick for some of us. I had an interesting chat with a lady today who told me her old dog had died. She was left with another dog who felt out of sorts and lonely. Outcome? Two puppies were invited into her heart and home. A happy time for all. By the way, this nice woman is in my age bracket so if eating coconut oil is not your bag, try discussing things with a cat or dog. Sounds far out there but for many of us it works.

I have talked to many who feel lonely. What to do? Keep on keeping on. Let me know how you are coping. You never know, things could improve. Call me at 250-846-5095 or email a note to