Adding some excitement to the bedroom

Brenda Mallory did not feel bamboozled after getting some new sheets.

I know this is a family newspaper but just the same, I am going right ahead to tell you there was some excitement in my bedroom last night. Do I have your attention?

The excitement was because I bought a set of new sheets! I have been using sheets that didn’t fit the mattress and had done a lot of that pilling business. It was time for something new.

I walked into Pharmasave and there they were. Sheets sets right there calling out to me. Only $25! The other thing that intrigued me was that they were made of bamboo. I was told by those who have slept on bamboo sheets that they are quite nice. That was enough for me.

I put the sheets on the mattress and admired how slick and smooth they were. Later that night when my old dump cat and I settled in for a good sleep I said to that cat, “now isn’t this the cat’s meow?”

I had to tell others about my bamboo sheets. One friend said she had bought bamboo socks. Those didn’t last long. Another friend just had to make sure I knew that he uses bamboo toilet paper. Good sturdy paper that really does the job. Maybe a tad more than I needed to know. If I was inclined to that kind of toilet paper, I would be glad to know that the paper is skin friendly and super absorbent. It is also odour resistant — however that works.

I did become very interested in how many products are made from bamboo.

I found out that kitchen aides, fabric items, toys and other things were made from this eco-friendly material.

I also found out that bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees! It also makes 35 per cent more oxygen than trees. It doesn’t need all manner of chemicals to make it grow. Water and sunshine and it is good to go — or grow.

I do know about how fast bamboo grows since we had a small patch of it on a property in Port Alberni. Cut it back and in a couple days it would be right back where we had started.

You might already have some bamboo products or you might be like me and are just giving it a try. Check out the info on the internet. You will be surprised how much stuff is made from bamboo; or just buy a set of sheets and have some excitement in your life.

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